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Release notes

  • include a (secured) JSP file browser
  • replaced RServi webapp with RPooli
  • exposed app-related security check methods
  • upgraded Spring dependencies


Release notes

  • upgrade to latest rj versions


Release notes

  • add user-specific jobs and results
  • add custom configuration for deposit directories and support for non-zip single-data files in deposit directories
  • externalize RServi configuration
  • add support for multiple RServi URIs per application
  • add support for optional pooling of RServi clients
  • add support for polling RServi instances
  • configurable pool node validation
  • add RSB and RServi security policies
  • new administration API for retrieving and updating configuration, managing application catalogs, restarting RSB and querying basic system information
  • new resource for processing direct jobs
  • make health check asynchronous
  • add loading of rsb config from /etc/rsb and add commands in for copying security-beans.xml and web.xml from /etc/rsb to the distribution
  • add optional OpenId support
  • add security for JMX RMI connector
  • add encryption of jmx http ui password in config
  • enable basic auth on the MX4J web console
  • add propagation of security context to XML and JSON function calls
  • add form login authentication, logged in status and log out feature
  • add copy of RSB UI fragments on start
  • JobStatisticsHandler has been modified in a non backwards compatible fashion. The change is trivial: the storeJobStatistics method now takes a Job interface as a parameter from which the application name and job ID, previously passed as distinct arguments, can be retrieved.
  • fix: single file polling
  • fix: RServi jar loading on Windows
  • fix: added missing admin-gui role to admin user
  • upgraded to Tomcat 7.0.42
  • upgraded Spring, Spring Integration, Spring Security and CXF


Release notes

  • initial public release