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RSB is configured with a unique JSON file named rsb-configuration.json, which must be located either in /etc/rsb or at the root of the JVM classpath (for example, in Tomcat's lib directory).


Here are a few examples of configuration files:

  • Minimal configuration - the required configuration entries:
  • Redis statistics store: a minimal configuration with an optional Redis statistics store configured:
  • RPooli client pool: a minimal configuration with an optional RPooli client pool for faster R function invocations:
  • Full configuration: a complete configuration with examples for all the different job deposit methods:

Default Configuration

If RSB can't locate a configuration file, it will try to generate one (named rsb-configuration.json, as above) and store it either in /etc/rsb or in WEB-INF/classes. Here is the content of the default configuration:

In this configuration, is replaced by either, and in order of preference:

  • The user's home directory, if it exists and is writeable,
  • The rsb.war WEB-INF directory, if it is writeable,
  • The operating system temporary directory

If RSB generates such a default configuration file inWEB-INF/classes, it is recommended to review it so it uses the desired values and move it to /etc/rsb, as discussed in the previous section.


Configuration attributes are documented on the persisted configuration classes.