• Sun/Oracle JDK 1.6
  • Maven 3

To produce rsb.war, run:

mvn clean install

Note that this war embeds javax dependencies and is designed to be deployed on web containers (like Tomcat or Jetty).

To produce a rsb.war that can be deployed on application servers, run:

mvn -P-javax-dependencies clean install

Packaged Distribution

To build a complete distribution consisting of Tomcat with both the RPooli and RSB web application deployed in it, run:

mvn -Pjavax-dependencies,tomcat-distribution clean package

Test Run

On Linux/OS X, you can easily start RSB for a quick ride with:

mvn jetty:run

to start RSB configured to use a locally running RPooli.

Similarly, if you have a locally running RPooli, it’s also possible to quickly try RSB with Tomcat by running:

mvn -Pjavax-dependencies,tomcat cargo:run

Press Control+C when you’ll be done with testing.

In both cases, RSB is accessible at this URL: http://localhost:8888/rsb.

Integration Tests

RPooli must be running locally before starting the integration tests.

If that is the case, then run:

mvn -Pjavax-dependencies,it -Dit.test=SuiteITCase clean verify