Usage Statistics


When deploying multiple applications on RSB, it may be interesting to track usage of the different applications over time. It may a.o. help to understand your user base and to prioritize maintenance work for the different applications.

RSB can report usage statistics on a pluggable datastore, like redis.

The reported usage information consists in this data:

  • UTC Timestamp
  • Application Name
  • Job ID
  • RServi Address
  • Time Spent (in milliseconds)

Redis Storage Layout

When stored in Redis, the RSB usage statistics are laid out this way:

Key Name Collection Type Data Type Description
rsb:stats:applications SET String Unique application names
rsb:stats:${applicationName}:monthstamps SET String Unique “monthstamps” (like: 2011-01)
rsb:stats:${applicationName}:${monthstamp} LIST JSON String RSB usage information

This allows navigation and retrieval per application and time in order to produce usage reports.